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What makes your company a good fit for acquisition by Cordance? We start with a set of criteria that reflect our strategic focus and use a rigorous assessment process to determine if we’re a good fit for each other. Our intent is to get the right outcome specific to each of the companies we work with. We do this by investing time in getting to know one another and coming to an agreement on what defines success.


Company Selection

You’re a SaaS business.

Cloud-based subscription software services are our specialty. Using best practices, financial analysis, and our deep operational experience, we’ll help you figure out how to increase conversion and retention rates and adjust pricing to match the right value metrics.

You’ve established a strong position in a niche market.

Your business focuses on a narrow target customer profile, and your product has strong market fit. You have a sizeable total addressable market, but you haven’t had the time or funding to reach all of it yet. Your product and service are exceptional. You deliver real value to your customers at a profit and have strong customer and employee relations and retention.

You have ARR of $2m to $10m and are aiming for 20%+ growth year over year.

You know there’s potential to accelerate growth, but you’re lacking an actionable go-to-market strategy and/or the funding to execute it. You’re growing but you know you can grow faster and can reach more customers than you are currently. Too much of your energy is going toward maintenance rather than growth, and you want to change that.

You love a challenge.

You have an entrepreneurial spirit and an endless appetite for learning how to become more successful. You’ve built a strong foundation but perhaps are too busy focusing on the day-to-day to scale any further than you have. You don’t need rescuing—you’re successful and confident that you have tremendous potential for growth, only held back by capacity and financial restraints.

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